4 Things You Need To Start A Podcast For Less Than 100 Dollars

What are you going to do with that Christmas check from grandma? Have you been thinking about starting a podcast but want to do it on-the-cheap? Well here you go: 4 things you need to start a podcast for less than 100 dollars.

List your podcast in iTunes with the free PowerPress plugin – $0

If you already have a website or blog using WordPress then this won’t cost you a penny. Install the PowerPress plugin, input all your information, click the “Publish a Podcast on iTunes” link and give them your podcast feed.

You only need to do this once and many people get approved (show up in the iTunes Store listing service) within 24-48 hours (excluding holidays).

Utilize the same PowerPress information to quickly submit your show to Stitcher, Windows, TuneIn Radio, even the Blackberry Podcast catalog. Pat Flynn says you should “Be Everywhere”, your podcast should be too.

Record your show with software – $0

There are a number of free programs to help you record your voice. If you own an Apple computer then you can use the Garage Band program that came free with your computer.

I use Audacity from SoundForge. Actually, I have been using Audacity for more than a decade to record old vinyl records onto CDs. Yes, it’s been around that long.

This is a free program that works on all computers (Windows, Mac, even Linux). It has been gradually upgraded to become a really great podcast recording tool for anyone’s budget.

Upgrade your laptop’s microphone – $40-$50

The darling of all podcasters is the ATR2100. You certainly could spend more for a Heil PR40 or the Electro-Voice RE320 but the Audio Technica ATR2100 is the most affordable and versatile mic around. It has the unusual option of being both a USB microphone that can be plugged directly into your computer AND an XLR microphone that can be plugged into a mixer.

The sound quality is really good for the price and I have found it to be great for traveling and using at conferences. If you are going to spend money on upgrading anything for your podcast, a $50 microphone is the best dollar you will ever spend when getting started.

Store your podcast using Libsyn – beginning at $5 a month

You could upload your recording (MP3 file) to your website but you risk the chance of crashing your server – especially if you become popular and hundreds of people all try to download your show at the same time. You could also upload it to Archive.org for free but I hear the download speeds are rather slow.

Take the load (and the stress) off your website by paying Libsyn to hold, store, and serve your podcast episodes to your subscribers.

Libsyn offers a few different packages depending on how much data you upload over a rolling 30-day period and stats to track how many times your show is downloaded. The higher-priced programs offer more detailed stats and the option to be listed in the Podcast Box app or have an app in iTunes.

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Don’t waste your gift money on another Xbox game. Instead of wasting the money on beer at the New Year’s party get these 4 things that you need to start a podcast for less than 100 dollars.

If you don’t have a website already then you need to start here:

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Hello! My name is Steve and I started podcasting in 2010 on the MoneyPlan SOS podcast. I love everything about this exciting new medium! I would share my enthusiasm with bloggers who would say "I should start a podcast!" I agree: instead of a cold, faceless logo with no personality - You Should Podcast Too! The purpose of this website it to encourage you to put your image in front of your audience. Let your readers/listeners/fans get to see who you are and identify you as someone they can trust. Maybe you just want to record a YouTube video and embed it on your site or offer an audio version of your Free Report. It has never been cheaper and easier. And Yes, You Can Podcast Too!


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