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This is the place for tips and tricks on how to get your face and your voice on your blog – and in front of your growing audience! It is a place where I can share my experiences from growing a podcast from the card table in my home office to more than 150 releases from the card table in my home office (haha).

A) If you are considering starting a podcast then read this first.

B) If you have already started a podcast then you are in the right place. I want to keep you motivated and help you podcast better.

Steve Stewart has been podcasting since 2010

Steve Stewart has been podcasting since 2010

So, you are probably wondering who I am?

Well, here’s a list:

I’m a busy guy but never to busy to help you!

How I started podcasting

I first heard about podcasting from either Leo LaPorte or Dave Ramsey back in 2005. A whole new world was opened up to me and it wasn’t long before I had the podcasting bug. However, I didn’t think I could actually be a podcaster myself.

I purchased a website domain and installed WordPress. I purchased a USB headset and practiced recording my voice into Audacity. I started talking to others about podcasting, although most of them knew nothing about it (yet).

Finally, after procrastinating for about five years, I pulled the trigger. Here is how I launched my podcast:

  1. Recorded my first episode
  2. Hired Cliff Ravenscraft for a 2 hour session
  3. Released my first episode

Yeah, that’s it. What was I waiting for?

Looking back it seems silly that I was so afraid of the techie-stuff. Now-a-days it’s even easier to record, release, and get a podcast noticed in this noisy world.

My podcast is now heard in more than 140 countries and each episode is downloaded or streamed more than 2,000 times in the first 3 weeks. The MoneyPlan SOS podcast consistently ranks in the Top 20 of iTunes’ Investing category and in the Top 100 of the overall Business category.


What you can do next

Grow your audience, your influence, and the popularity of your podcast by:

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I look forward to hearing your podcast and helping you reach the top of the charts! You can start a blog, you can post videos on YouTube, and Yes, You Can Podcast Too!


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