Are you prepared to invest a little money to start a podcast?

how much it costs to start a podcastGood news! The barrier of entry to starting a podcast is very low – there is no licensing, training, or initiation required.

You can start without spending money

The monetary cost is also extremely low. If you have a computer with internet connection then you already have everything necessary to get started.

There are free programs like Audacity that will allow you to record audio and most laptops have built-in webcams to record video. Some media services also offer free storage or distribution, but this takes away some of your ownership over your podcast.

Improving Your Podcast With Equipment

You could buy any of the following items to increase the quality of your podcast (average prices current for 2013)

  • Microphone (for improved sound): $20 – $100
  • Webcam (for improved video): $40 – $100
  • Domain and web hosting (for branding and control): $80 – $150 a year
  • Media hosting (for media storage and distribution): $5 – $75
  • Intro music: $1 – $500
  • Professional voiceover: $50 – $1,000+
  • Mixer (for co-hosts and/or sound effects): $50 – $600

Total minimum and maximum expenses: $20 up to Unlimited

Like I mentioned earlier, you probably have enough equipment to get started without having to buy a bunch of gear. Start small and make little purchases over time – there’s no rush.

[pullquote]Learning the ropes of podcasting will also help you to make smarter purchasing decisions down the road to podcasting prominence.[/pullquote]

Want to get started?

Contact me by visiting the About page. Let me help you prepare your podcast for launch and reach iTunes’ New and Noteworthy section.

About Steve Stewart

Hello! My name is Steve and I started podcasting in 2010 on the MoneyPlan SOS podcast. I love everything about this exciting new medium! I would share my enthusiasm with bloggers who would say "I should start a podcast!" I agree: instead of a cold, faceless logo with no personality - You Should Podcast Too! The purpose of this website it to encourage you to put your image in front of your audience. Let your readers/listeners/fans get to see who you are and identify you as someone they can trust. Maybe you just want to record a YouTube video and embed it on your site or offer an audio version of your Free Report. It has never been cheaper and easier. And Yes, You Can Podcast Too!

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