Are you using the right rating for your podcast?

UPDATE: The recommendation in this post originally stated to use “No Rating”. I am altering that advice.

We are hearing word that iTunes wants you to choose between Clean or Explicit. I no longer recommend using “No Rating”. 

What iTunes wants is what iTunes gets. 🙂


Explicit Tag in iTunesThe difference between Clean and Explicit Tags in iTunes

As you would expect, an Explicit podcast is one with vulgar words and/or adult content. This is the kind of show you would be embarrassed to listen to with your mom in the car. The Explicit Tag is necessary to warn prospective listeners that there is some saucy stuff coming.

A Clean Tag is indicative of an explicit show having been edited. It may include beeps, audio drops, or entire pieces of spoken content being edited out of the recording.

Difference between Clean and Explicit lyrics tag in iTunes

If your show never contained expletives or highly-objectionable content then choose “Clean”. If you show drops f-bombs – even if they are bleeped out – then select “Explicit”.

How to change your ratings in Libsyn 

Watch this video to learn how to change your settings in Libsyn:

Note: You can do this at the episode level. In other words, your podcast might be a “Clean” show but have a guest using swear words in one episode. You can mark the single episode as Explicit without changing the overall rating of your show.

How to change your ratings in PowerPress

Note: The following instructions are for changing your settings within the Powerpress plugin:

If you use the PowerPress RSS feed then update your clean or explicit rating:

Within your WordPress dashboard go to PowerPress >> Settings

Select the iTunes tab

Where to find Explicit Tag in WordPress

Set as Explicit or Clean

Clean or Explicit rating in PowerPress

Be patient as changes could take a day or two to make it into iTunes.

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