Steve Stewart has been podcasting since 2010

Steve Stewart has been podcasting since 2010

If you would like help getting your podcast started or want someone to bounce ideas off of then call me for help.

Steve Stewart

Text: 636-373-4818


You will find my rates are very reasonable because I am just starting out. Get a hold of me now before my rates go up:


  • 30-minute Consultations: $35
  • 60-minute Coaching: $60
  • Review of your existing podcast and website (for functionality and branding ideas): $60 for up to 3 episodes per podcast
  • Walking you through starting a podcast to launch (website, equipment setups, best podcasting practices): $300

We can work together via Skype, Google Hangout, or phone – your choice.

Let me help you start. Yes, You Can Podcast Too.


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  3. Steve- Just wanted to say I like your site and the posts on it. I found the site in the resource section of the blog and podcast of Create My Looking forward to future posts. By the way I just was at the New Media Expo in January and found it to be a great venue to meet other podcasters. Don’t know if you have been but I thought it was worth the trip

    • Thanks Paul. Kraig is an awesome guy.

      I’m so jealous. I didn’t go to NMX because it’s Birthday Weekend here in the Stewart Household (we have 3 birthdays in the first 2 weeks of the year). However, I WILL be going to the Podcast Movement in August. Do you have a podcast?

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