How to change the Footer in a Genesis Theme WordPress site

I was very frustrated when I couldn’t find how to change the footer in a Genesis Theme on my WordPress website.

How to take out the Genesis Theme in a footerThen I found a plugin that does everything I wanted:

  • Customizes Post Info
  • Eliminates unnecessary Meta shortcodes
  • Moves the author name and date to the bottom of the post

It is very simple and only takes about 3 minutes to do.

Important note: This plugin was designed for Genesis themes only. 

How to change the Footer in a Genesis Theme WordPress site

Install and activate the Genesis Simple Script Plugin.

Under the Dashboard options, select Genesis >> Simple Edits

How to change Genesis Theme footer

Add or remove Meta Shortcodes as you please under the following options:

Post Info

Post info usually includes the Date, Author, and “Leave A Comment” and appears below the title, above the post. You will also see an (Edit) option when logged into your website.

Post Meta

WordPress places the post meta data basic information and tags below the post in a box, before the comments.

Footer “Back to Top” Link

Places a neat little shortcut for readers who want to get back to the top of your really long podcast show notes. 🙂

Footer Credits Text

The culprit! This is the line of text at the bottom of your website that brags about what type of theme you have installed. Nobody really needs to know this information, so take it out.

How to remove Genesis Theme from footer

Customize the Footer with shortcodes:

The most common shortcodes are:

Most popular shortcodes

Improving your footer with Genesis Simple Edits

I moved the post date and author link to the end of the post (picture below is from another site of mine). I also removed the Child Theme and Genesis links. Now I have a nice, clean footer

Change copyright date in footer

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