How to replace a file in Libsyn

How to replace a podcast episode in LibsynIf you are like me, you’ve released a podcast episode and found out later something was wrong. Maybe you:

  • announced an incorrect date or location
  • need to replace an old sponsor with a new advertiser
  • want to prepend the show with an important update!

I’ve made mistakes before and wished there was an easy way to fix it. Well you can if you host your MP3 files with Libsyn.

Recently I wanted to add an intro to my April Fools Day episode so that new subscribers wouldn’t be confused by the unusual show (I had someone else do my show as an April Fools joke).

Here’s how to replace a file in Libsyn:

Replace file in Libsyn from Steve Stewart on Vimeo.

  1. Re-record or append your podcast MP3 file
  2. Log into your Libsyn account
  3. Go to Content / Previously Published
  4. Find the episode you want to replace and click Edit (the pencil symbol)
  5. Click on Replace
  6. Upload your new file (from hard drive, FTP, URL or DropBox)
  7. Click Publish

Rename the MP3 the same filename

That’s it. You don’t have to resubmit anything to iTunes or Stitcher, you don’t have to replace any information in the original blogpost, it’s all done.

It will be as if you took a book off the shelf, removed a page or wrote something in the margins, and replaced it on the shelf. Anyone taking the book off the shelf will get the new, amended media.

If you have questions about recording or editing your podcast then contact me. I’ll be glad to help you along with the hundreds of others who have learned from my mistakes!

Watch Ray Ortega, Dave Jackson, and Daniel J. Lewis discuss reasons for modifying past episodes

PR017 – Modifying Past Episodes

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How to replace a file in Libsyn — 7 Comments

  1. Important note here Steve, this won’t actually work for Stitcher since they take your original file from your feed and host it themselves, on their own servers. Would you need them to delete that file.

  2. Steve,

    Thanks a ton for the help! I looked around online for a while and couldn't find an easy-to-implement answer until I came across this.

    Simple and easy to do!

  3. Steve,

    The libsyn tutorial didn't mention the note about keeping the file name the same. I just replaced media on libsyn and now that episode won't play on iTunes. It still lists the episode, but when you click play… nothing. Could this be because I replaced it with a file with a different name?


    • Hi Doug, I’m sorry you missed the step about keeping the file name the same (I had forgot to mention it verbally when I recorded the video so I placed an on-screen tip at the :52 mark and in the post notes).

      However, this should not cause your new upload to be unplayable. In theory, it should be pulling the new file. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the new file take affect. Does the problem still exist today? If so, contact libsyn support to see what they recommend. Here is a link that might help

  4. Thanks Steve. I was actually refering to the file replacement tutorial on the libsyn help page. I'm glad you added the note to your tutorial.

    That being said, today the iTunes link is playing fine. I guess it just takes some time for it to get back up to speed after you swap the file.

    I'll contact Stitcher about how to get my new file posted there. Thanks for your quick responses!

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