Podcasting Tip – Stand Up When Recording

To get your energy level up I recommend that you STAND UP when recording.

Podcasting Tip – STAND UP when recording from Steve Stewart on Vimeo.

I often record my episodes while traveling and bringing a boom mic on a plane just isn’t realistic. I recommend setting a table on top of the bed or a desk in order to raise your setup and allow you to [pullquote position=”right”]STAND UP when recording[/pullquote]

Like this tip? There are more to come. I’d love to hear your odd-ball tips for recording podcasts on the road.

How To Stand Out In A Google Hangout On Air

I was honored to join the Podcasters’ Roundtable in Round 17 Modifying Past Episodes. The topic was spurred by a question I put on a Google Plus page but I really didn’t have much to add to the discussion. So how was I to stand out in a Google Hangout On Air?

The answer: A dry erase board with the show’s logo on it!

How To Stand Out In A Google Hangout On Air

Most Google Hangouts are done in front of a laptop or computer with webcam. These devices are usually located in home offices, dens, bedrooms, and basements. The backdrops are normally book shelves or picture frames and aren’t very interesting. This provided me with an idea:

How To Stand Out In A Google Hangout

Artistic ability aside – having a dry erase marker board with the show’s logo splashed on it becomes an instantly huge success! Here are the benefits:

  • Shows you are dedicated to the message or theme of the show
  • Gives host of the Google Hangout additional content to talk about
  • Makes you more memorable to the members and the viewing audience

Ray Ortega, host of the Podcasters’ Roundtable, mentioned the backdrop multiple times in Round 17 and never once talked about my tardiness. Whew!

[pullquote position=”right”]Use a dry erase board with your host’s logo as a backdrop to really stand out in a Google Hangout[/pullquote]

Other benefits of a Dry Erase Board

This “prop” was actually my white board for scribbling lists, topic ideas, and even possible episode titles. It is reusable, infinitely adaptable to any show/niche/topic, and less distracting than a group of colorful balloons. It can be hung on the wall, placed on a pedestal, or stashed behind a door when not in use.

It is also good for illustrating ideas in video tutorials. More about that in future posts.

In case you were curious, see for yourself

Here is the 1 hour Podcasters’ Roundtable – Round 17 Modifying Past Episodes with host Ray Ortega, Podcast Award winner Daniel J. Lewis, classic Dave Jackson, and beautiful Kelly Mitchell. Feel free to leave your comments and observations below.

I love podcasting!

I love podcastingI love podcasting! I started my show in late 2010 and it has been a blast. It’s a new medium with lots of potential to become mainstream and it isn’t going away anytime soon.

Who wouldn’t like to have their own radio show?

Anyone can podcast

Think about it:

  • Anyone with a computer and internet connection can record a podcast episode.
  • There are tons of “How To” videos on YouTube teaching us how to upload and promote
  • There are no laws and there is no FCC regulations on what you can or cannot say

It is an ultimate First Amendment Right – Freedom of Speech – and everyone is invited to the party!

I can’t get enough of podcasting

I am currently subscribed to over 45 shows. Some release weekly, some release monthly, one releases daily (I’ll let you try to figure out which one that is). My iPod Nano replaced the CD player and car stereo years ago and I have probably consumed more than 5,000 hours of content.

And here I am looking to start another one. My vision for YesYouCanPodcastToo.com is to provide tips and tricks to help you get a podcast started – or to stop you before you get too deep into it. I am hoping to release a video version as a podcast. Stay tuned for more on that!

I also hate podcasting

I’m not going to lie to you; I have a love/hate relationship with podcasting. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce a quality podcast – and a little bit of money. My podcast, the MoneyPlan SOS podcast, didn’t make any money in the first year because I didn’t know what I was doing.

Every episode took at least 5-8 hours of prep, performance, and primping before they could be released. There are a couple releases I wish I hadn’t put out there and I have plenty to look back on and say “Wow, I used to really stink at podcasting”.

It’s similar to a marathon runner: You work hard to get to the race and even harder running it. You feel a rush of relief when it is over but soon you feel depressed because you need to start the process over again in order to be ready for the next race/release.

If you are truly interested in releasing a podcast

Don’t make all the mistakes I made. Don’t waste a bunch of time trying to figure out which MP3 converter works best or lose out on some of the little-known shortcuts when using Audacity.

Download the 7 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Podcast

Check back every week for more about how to get your face and your voice on your blog. Yes, you can podcast too!

What is podcasting?

podcast micDo you know what a podcast is?

This questions will not prevent you from creating or releasing a podcast – it is simply something you need to know and understand.

A podcast can be subscribed to in an RSS feed (don’t worry about what RSS is right now). A podcast is an ongoing series of recordings released on a regular basis with fresh, new content. A podcast is not a one-time recording: Don’t confuse a single video or audio lesson posted to a website as a podcast.

It takes more than a couple recordings to be considered a podcast

A single release of a podcast show is called a “podcast episode”. Podcast episodes are media files that can be listened to by being:

  • Downloaded to a computer
  • Uploaded to a portable device (not just iPods)
  • Streamed on almost any smartphone
  • Because they are media files they can be listened to anytime you want – kind of like on-demand videos. They can be paused, rewound, re-played, and shared.
  • People listen to podcasts while driving to work, jogging, doing yard work, or cooking. Podcasts are convenient, educational, informational, and entertaining.

Podcasts are like newsletters, not flyers

Podcasts are less like flyers and more like newsletters. You could create a flyer and print copies for those who visit your office, mail it to people’s homes, hand it out at expos, or make it available for download on your website. However, this does not make your flyer a newsletter. A newsletter is updated on a regular basis with new content. A podcast is more like a newsletter – it is a regularly updated with new content and made available for your target market.

Podcasting is the new media. John Dumas started podcasting Entrepreneur On Fire in September 2012. He has grown his audience quickly and is enjoying every minute of it.

Does this sound like something you would be interested in doing? Yes? Then let’s get started!

Dustin Hartzler’s As Heard On WordPress plugin

WordPress Wizard, Dustin Hartzler, has released a WordPress plugin that will show off podcasts and other shows you have been a guest on.

Download the free plugin at YourWebsiteEngineer.com/MyPlugins and check out Dustin on the Your Website Engineer Podcast.

[pullquote]Share this #Wordpress #plugin by @DustinHartzler on Twitter[/pullquote]

Podcasting: The New Media

Earbuds phonographBusinesses, non-profits, and passionate hobbyists are always looking for ways to expand their audience. The first forms of marketing were word of mouth and street signs. Then came billboards, radio commercials, newspaper advertising and mailers. The age of the internet introduced an entirely new world of banner ads, email, and social media all vying for our attention (and our dollars). However, consumers have become weary of such attempts and are blocking out all the noise.

How is a small business or non-profit supposed to compete with established names and companies that can afford to pay for television commercials and sponsoring events? I have an answer to that question, and you might be surprised that you’ve never heard of it before: Podcasting.

Podcasting will see exponential growth in 2014

Podcasting will see exponential growth in the next 2-3 years. Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner says that 32% of marketers want to learn how to use podcasting and only 3% of marketers are using podcasting. When we compare the millions of blogs out there to the less than 300,000 podcasts in iTunes you can see that there is tremendous room for growth – and the time to start is before the competition does!

Podcasting is an intimate medium that puts your message in front of prospects longer than a commercial. Fans and customers get to know you better through a podcast than any other marketing resource – better than email, newsletters, and video-blurbs combined. How much would you pay to educate your fans and customers about who you are and what you are about? Podcasts are like talk radio in this way – a regular does of personality that comes out when talking about your podcast’s main topic.

Starting a podcast doesn’t cost much

The barrier to starting a podcast is extremely low. Anybody with a message can reach a global audience for very little cost.

Podcasting is the next big movement and you don’t want to miss the bus. But before you jump all-in simply because I have convinced you then I suggest you make sure that podcasting is right for you.

Download the 7 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Podcast and contact me for questions.