Podcasting Tip – Stand Up When Recording

Podcasting tip - Stand Up When Recording

To get your energy level up I recommend that you STAND UP when recording.

Podcasting Tip – STAND UP when recording from Steve Stewart on Vimeo.

I often record my episodes while traveling and bringing a boom mic on a plane just isn’t realistic. I recommend setting a table on top of the bed or a desk in order to raise your setup and allow you to [pullquote position=”right”]STAND UP when recording[/pullquote]

Like this tip? There are more to come. I’d love to hear your odd-ball tips for recording podcasts on the road.

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Steve Stewart

Hello! My name is Steve and I started podcasting in 2010 on the MoneyPlan SOS podcast. I love everything about this exciting new medium! I would share my enthusiasm with bloggers who would say "I should start a podcast!" I agree: instead of a cold, faceless logo with no personality - You Should Podcast Too! The purpose of this website it to encourage you to put your image in front of your audience. Let your readers/listeners/fans get to see who you are and identify you as someone they can trust. Maybe you just want to record a YouTube video and embed it on your site or offer an audio version of your Free Report. It has never been cheaper and easier. And Yes, You Can Podcast Too!

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  • Tyler Danke

    Reply Reply September 7, 2013

    What kind of microphone, video camera, tripod, and mic stand are you using?

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