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CommentCast iconNote: Commentcast is no longer being offered for sale. It is now known as, a web based service so you don’t have to be a Mac user to get the benefit. Visit for more (currently in Beta).

Podcasts are international thanks to the internet – so are your listeners. Some of your raving fans from other countries might just be giving you a 5-star review in iTunes and you don’t even know it. This is because iTunes does not  have a tool or resource that allows us to see iTunes reviews from multiple countries. Instead we have to log into each country’s iTunes Store separately – a very time consuming project.

The guys over at e-Webstyle’s SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets Of Internet Marketing always make a point to say “If you live in another country (a country other than the U.S.) and leave a review in iTunes then please send us an email“. That’s a great idea but this makes their podcast listeners (like me) jump through another hoop and we are less likely to comply.

The solution!

As you will see in this video, the good folks over at have created a program called CommentCast that lets us see all the iTunes reviews from multiple countries – all of them! Right now it is only available as a download for IOS 10.7+ computers. There is a free version but purchasing a license for $5.00 via PayPal gives you more options like exporting to a CSV or HTML file.

See iTunes Podcast Reviews From Multiple Countries.

I really love this program and I hope it solves your problem too.

If you found this helpful or have other solutions on how we can see iTunes reviews from multiple countries then please leave a comment below.

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