WooHoo! I’m Editor of Podertainment Magazine

Editor of Podertainment MagazinePodertainment Magazine is THE monthly resource for people who love to read about podcasting. The periodical is made available through the iTunes Store for only $12.95 a year. It was released February 28, 2014 and featured an exclusive interview with Cliff Ravenscraft and guest article by Cynthia Sanchez.

Four issues have been released and, as of July 17th, I am officially Editor of Podertainment Magazine.

It’s Jared Easley’s fault

How in the world did I get picked to be Editor of Podertainment Magazine?

  • I don’t have any formal training or education in the art of writing
  • I prefer to speak than to write anything longer than 140 characters
  • I constantly have to refer to Grammar Girl’s 121st episode for when to use “affect” and “effect” properly

It’s Jared Easley‘s fault. He came up with an idea to have someone introduce speakers at NMX in 2013. He approached Cliff Ravenscraft to offer his service along with other friends and online acquaintances who would jump at the chance to introduce NMX speakers – and it bought him notoriety. He also offered to arrange NMX MeetUps for some of the big names like Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas who really didn’t know where to start and would rather spend time working on their businesses.

This helped Jared score some high-profile interviewees for his show, Starve The Doubts, and he began receiving speaker requests for local MeetUps and international conferences.


So I used Jared’s idea of serving to earn more exposure. I reached out to Gary Leland, creator of Podertainment Magazine and gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse. And he didn’t.

What I get out of the deal

Granted, I am not being paid a hefty sum for this work. I am being compensated with advertising space in the magazine.

Watch for a special offer for my new video course “How To Use ScreenFlow” in Issue 6.

I also have the esteemed honor of introducing myself as Editor of Podertainment Magazine (I kinda like the sound of that). That in itself brings some clout to the table.

I promise not to be a Grammar Nazi

I’ve heard too many people complain about editors forcing an author to change an entire paragraph and having to go back-and-forth before the finished product is accepted.

However, none of us like reading articles with typos. It’s inevitable – people aren’t perfect and even the greatest authors make mistakes. Even the Bible had a major typo in the 1631 King James version.

My goal is to help the author be confident that their carefully-crafted article will be clear of major typos before going to print.

I also wanted to make sure their sentences would flow and be easy to read for the everyday Joe Podcaster. That makes editing Podertainment Articles the perfect job for me because I am an everyday Joe Podcaster!

Where to buy Podertainment Magazine

Right now Podertainment Magazine is a digital magazine for IOS devices only with plans for Android and Amazon Kindle devices in the future.

You can get Podertainment Magazine on your IOS device RIGHT NOW by purchasing it through http://Podertainment.com

or help my friend Dave Jackson pay off his stupid student loans by using his affiliate link.

Regular Podertainment Magazine contributors are

Todd Cochrane from Geek News Central
Rob Greenlee from The New Media Show
Brian Ibbott from Coverville
Dave Jackson from The School of Podcasting
Daniel J. Lewis from The Audacity to Podcast
Kien Tran from Geek Beat TV
Rob Walch from libsyn and Podcast 411
Jeremy Powers from Geekazine

Now, if we can just get John Lee Dumas and Ray Ortega to start contributing then the podcast power-circle will be complete!

How to write for Podertainment Magazine

Interested in contributing an article for Podertainment? Read these six steps to see if you are a good fit.

And tell Gary that the Editor sent you. 

About Steve Stewart

Hello! My name is Steve and I started podcasting in 2010 on the MoneyPlan SOS podcast. I love everything about this exciting new medium! I would share my enthusiasm with bloggers who would say "I should start a podcast!" I agree: instead of a cold, faceless logo with no personality - You Should Podcast Too! The purpose of this website it to encourage you to put your image in front of your audience. Let your readers/listeners/fans get to see who you are and identify you as someone they can trust. Maybe you just want to record a YouTube video and embed it on your site or offer an audio version of your Free Report. It has never been cheaper and easier. And Yes, You Can Podcast Too!


WooHoo! I’m Editor of Podertainment Magazine — 4 Comments

    • Congratulations Tye! You caught the typo (that was fast). I was wondering how long it would take someone to catch it.

      OK, so maybe I’m trying to cover up my embarrassment of having a typo when announcing that I’m the Editor for Podertainment. Doh!

      I appreciate you catching that. Can I send you a membership for Podertainment? Email me (info on the Contact page).


  1. Hey Steve, Listening to back issues of Dave J. SOP and heard a mention about this magazine. Is it still something you’re involved in? It is still a good thing to do? (I wonder because I don’t see any additional comments here…)
    Want to download and read – but thought I would check with you. Thanks!!

    • Yep, still going strong. I’m actually working on the submissions tonight for the next edition.

      Gary Leland hasn’t released the Android version yet so it’s still only for IOS.

      Just a tease: Todd Cochrane will be talking about negotiating advertisements, Ken Tran is all about MonoPrice, and Jessica Kupfermann will share the 2 biggest mistakes she ever made podcasting.

      Don’t have a subscription yet? Visit Podertainment.com

      Suzie, I couldn’t find your podcast in iTunes. Has it launched yet?

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